The Platinum Rainbow
... The Re-Release

The Platinum Rainbow was originally released in the 80's and was described by the music industry as "the best book on the real music business" and as "the most comprehensive and yet witty introductory guide to the ins and outs of the music business. Whether one is a fledgling song writer or verteran industry executve or anything in-between, I highly recommend it."

Twenty years on and the time is ripe for this book to be re-visited, partly re-written, re-released and to inspire another generation of musicians.

From the preface ...
"This book is primarily designed for people who want to become successful recording artists. But to be a successful manager, producer, publicist or agent, you must first know how, to some extent, to make someone else a successful recording artist. In addition to this, there are special sections devoted to becoming a successful manager, producer, publicist, agent, songwriter, engineer, record label executive and publisher. Basically, if you want to be involved in the music business you should read this book.
Besides the above reasons, you have to make yourself a success because you won't be able to get a manager (or a job) that has the power to open real doors for you, until you do. This may sound like a Catch-22 or the old chicken/egg gam, but it's true nevertheless. To get a top manager or other first rate music business person to take you on as a client or an employee, you have to develope yourself to the point where you're already a success in every area but your bankbook. You have to be able to impress someone who may be so jaded that if you could combine the seven wonders of the world into one stage show, they would say something like "Well, it's not bad, but of course, you know it needs a lot of work."

This book will show you what you need to do to give "making it in the music business" your best shot - the steps you must go through to create, develop, polish, perfect and market your act. And your "act" can include anything from your job qualifications, to your songs, your recorded sound, your visual appeal, your live show and your business savvy. It's how to hone your edge. This book won't give you talent you don't have, but it will teach you how to develop and direct the talent you already possess."

Some more of the quotes from the music business about The Platinum Rainbow.

"Bob Monaco and James Riordan are two candidly honest and sincere people who obviously know the music business from its pitfalls to its sucesses. The Platinum Rainbow offers those truths to be found by each any every one of us who truly believe. A source of inspiration to those of us who have been stepped no by the big music machine."

"This book was written by people who obviously care about improving the status of the music industry and of the people whose careers depend on it. The authors descriptively, and humorously, identify the problems that every musician faces; they also identify, and stress repeatedly, the key elements of success."

"Too much information has been disseminated about this business, but now the first and most practical approach to the recording industry has been written. Authored by seasoned pros, it is a must for knowing what the music industry is all about."